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Our core values
Survival and development of enterprise culture is the soul. Gallant Precision Machining Co., Ltd. is the core of trust and respect culture, innovation and reform. Gallant Precision Machining is being generated and the development process in the evolving cultural system. Gallant Precision Machining is to trust and respect for the faith, innovation and change, continually challenging for the development of ideas, fitness level of their performance, make the best use for the concept of talent, the development of our company and the value of individual employees to pursue a perfect combination, so that Every time employees in achieving our goals at the same time, the full realization of individual value and pursuit.

◎ culture of trust and respect
Trust and respect each individual firm throughout our faith is the foundation to grow our company, we trust that the trust and respect in return must be responsibility and mission. A culture of trust and respect for everyone and responsible, have the mentality of ownership, are responsible for their own work.
◎ innovative change courage, passion and cultural challenges
Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for sustainable development. Never satisfied, constantly new demands for their constant pursuit of high goals and progress of our development. Adapt to changes in the environment, the pursuit of high goals, we need the courage to initiate change, welcome, and even love the change in the continuous innovation, change, challenge the process of high goals, each of us professional, organizational and management skills, learning ability Have continued to improve and progress, the company’s core capabilities continue to shape and enhance.

◎ emphasis on staff development
Satisfied employees are the starting point and source of development momentum. We attach importance to staff development, not just training him, teaching him how to do it, tell him how to do, we give him the opportunity to let him try to provide the stage for his display, providing fertile soil make it grow, let him have the opportunity to work with Opportunity to learn, work and learning in the process to be fully developed.

Our Vision
Competition and innovation in the era of real estate development and growth, with leading market awareness, accurate market positioning, market segmentation in depth, first-class sales team a complete project management and system resources, based in Foshan local, to build innovative mechanical era Professional brand, quality construction for the contribution of urban development.
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