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    Quality first, customer first "to the quality of production, variety development, to management for efficiency, tap the business potential, improve the quality of workers, to ensure product quality" is our guiding principle. To meet the needs of users based on, and constantly enhance the economic and social benefits, through the implementation of total quality management from top to bottom to form a set of strict quality assurance system. The product from design, production to finished product to the whole process of installation and commissioning of each of the links are carried out in controlled conditions, were achieved when each process are rules to follow and complete each task are documented . At the same time, so that responsibility to the people, layers of responsibility, guard ring, strictly abide by the "Product quality is life" beliefs.

Products issued, according to user needs in a timely manner to send professionals to installation, the product of three bags. If in the course of quality problems found in a response within 24 hours. Or use the most convenient means of transport to the scene to solve the problem. Users are not satisfied with the service personnel are not evacuated until the problem is all resolved.

The following measures:
1 Three Guarantees for products sold in the warranty period, where there is product quality problems caused by the company for repair, replacement or return; of the problems caused by other reasons, the company actively help users solve the problem, to ensure timely product put into operation, the accidental loss to a minimum program.

2, major equipment installation, commissioning and on-site technical service, led by the deputy chief engineer of technical experts headed home from the service, to solve the problems of users. Accredited representatives of key project site.

3, the establishment of quality files, regular exercise quality track, identify problems promptly resolved.

4, actively cooperate with the user do a good job-site operation and maintenance of product management, may at any cost to the user to provide spare parts for our products and accessories.

5, insist on quality first, user supreme principle, at the disposal of the user's call, when the need for field service, I guarantee receiving the user notification within 24 hours to reply, within 72 hours to reach the scene, emergency situation the fastest means of transport arrived in 32 hours.

6, the equipment up to site, the company promptly sent officers to check out of the box together with the user, the handover between the two sides. Installation phase in the product, the company sent technical experts to implement on-site technical guidance; commissioning stage in the product, the company also sent technical personnel to the scene with the work, the implementation of the product on-site technical guidance; commissioning stage in the product, the company also sent technical officers to the scene with the work, the implementation of the product field test, debug, and ensure product production.

In product development and design, technology, standardization, materials, marketing, equipment and various links of the production process has strict management procedures and implementation details, thus forming a product from design to manufacturing, sales and after-sales service and comprehensive full The whole process of quality management system. Our implementation of the implementation of "total quality system management" for many years, to make products more excellent, more satisfied customers, our products from design, production to finished product, are in strict accordance with the implementation process.

Companies adhere to innovation, the pursuit of better customer satisfaction approach to business, from providing precision quality products and timely service to have any, sincerely welcome friends to visit, we would like to sincerely cooperate with all friends and common development, create better tomorrow.
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